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AGPtek Glass Bottle Cutter Kit Stained Glass Cutting Tool -- Recycles Wine Bottle Jar (Up To 6 Gallons, TURN old bottles INTO glass sculptures, vases, lamp shades, glass votive or fashion anything)

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Brief Introduction
Be part of crafting a green world, it's easy with the new bottle cutter. Made from recycle aluminum, it is lightweight and allows you to easily score and separate bottles and wide-mouth jars in 3 steps. Its 6 turreted cutting head means cutting longevity. Using it you can turn old bottles and jars into glass sculptures, vases, lamp shades, votive holder or fashion anything you can image.
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  • Cut wide-mouth jars and bottles up to 6 gallons
  • Removable glass cutter for straight cuts
  • Cut more bottles with 6 durable cutting blades.
  • Have better cutting control, taking less pressure to make a good score.
  • Feel good about using a bottle cutter made from recycled aluminum.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Bottle cutter kit
  • 1 x User's manual