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AGPtek Call Center Dialpad Headset Telephone with Tone Dial Key Pad & REDIAL

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Brief Introduction
Business/ call center telephone with Headset Noise cancellation; Power save function; More direct LCD display, 45-degree slope, easy operation; Comfortable and durable headset; Provide the voice recorder port.
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[Sku] HA0021-B00I0QF8EO

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Dialpad Telephone

45 degree slope to easy operation. Active noise-canceling technology gives you high-definition voice communication. Simply plug the included RJ cord into the telephone port, and the phone will automatic being powered.

Standard Features
Redial, flash, hold and mute. Mute button is important for your job to mute the conversation when need. The dialer can ring or silent when receive incoming calls a well the phone number will be displayed.

Comfortable Headset
The included headset can be quickly configured for over the head or over the ear style, comes with a headset stand provides convenient storage for the headset when it is not in use.

LCD Display
LED indication when the telephone is ringing. Flash time 100ms or 600ms choice. Voice recorder port available, can connect to the PC to record.

Package included:
1 x Dial pad telephone
1 x Headset
1 x User manual