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Get 2pcs Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Spy Wrist Digital Watch

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Brief Introduction
MIC: Built-in Microphone
Speaker: Built-in Speaker
Standby: Time 24 Hours
Talk Time: 5 Hours
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The Watch Walkie Talkie is the newest generation in personal two-way communications. It's a lightweight,compact two-way communication device that can be used to stay connected with family of friends at parks,shopping mails, sporting events,concerts-virtually any indoor or out door activity.


-Wrist watch style in smart fashion
-Multi-channels(depend on different country)
-6km range to communicate over great distances
-Back-lit LCD display: easy to read, even at night
-500mW TX power output for a stronger and clearer signal
-Auto Channel Scan
-Call alert signal button for urgent calls
-Electronic volume control or headset / ear bud compatible
-12 hours AM/PM time display




Built-in Microphone


Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery


Built-in Speaker


Press to enter channel scan


Adjust volume level (default), and makes channel and watch adjustments in menu mode


Adjust volume level (default), and makes channel and watch adjustments in menu mode


Press and hold to turn unit ON/OFF. A quick, single press accesses the menu and watch setting


(Multi Function): Press and hold to transmit voice communication. Press twice in a rapid action to transmit call-tone


Time 24 Hours

Talk Time

5 Hours

The LCD Screen:

Channel display

Volume level indicator

VOX indicator icon

Hour display icon

Minute display icon
AM/PM indicator icon

Receive indicator

Transmit indicator

Call tone indicator icon

Battery display icon
Buttons and Control:

Package Include:

- 2 wristwatches
- 2 AC Adaptors
- 2 Li-ion Batteries
- 2 headsets
- 1 User manual
Size of gift box:21 x 14.5 x 6.6 cm 2 pcs of a gift box