AGPTEK Rocker Firmware Download


【AGPtek】ROCKER UPT1.1 Firmware Update

  1. Modify the problem that the player cannot scan the memory card automatically in Japanese language
  2. Decrease the font size for English language
  3. Add the built-in idle shutdown function(Power off automatically for over 2 minutes without operation, not allowed to adjust)
  4. Add “Language” under each of the language option(except English)
  5. Optimize the wrong display of song sequence in music playing interface

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How to use a glass bottle cutter at home?

What you got is a glass bottle when you finish drinking your Bloody Mary Mix. Then what will you do to the bottle? Just throw it away? Actually, with a good bottle cutter, you can make it a drinking glass, a flower vase, a candle holder, or even a wind chimes.

AGPtek Bottle Cutter is especially designed for home users. It is easy to install and use. Install the cutter according to the user manual firstly. Then follow the four steps below and you will get what you want.

The four easy steps are: etch, heat, cool and polish.



This is exactly the same as making a score line when cutting glass. Lay the bottle cutter on the top of your flat table. Place the bottle on the cutter.
Hold the cutter steady with your left hand. Grasp the bottle with your right hand. Turn it against the glass cutter edge in a slow and steady movement. Make sure you complete 1 full rotation, but do not do any more than that. Later you will get a clear cutting line on the bottle.





Immerse the cutting line with water that is a little hot and rotate the bottle at a fast speed so as to give a uniform temperature to the glass. Holding the bottle, you should feet it hot in touch but not too hot to handle. Continue reading

AGPtEK CD Player with 3.5mm Audio Jack FM Radio Remote USB port Internal Bluetooth Receiver ( it also can play CDs with MP3 Files burned onto them )White

Designed with LED display screen, powered by mains adapter, you can listen music through Bluetooth MP3 player or your phone under its BT mode. Small and portable, the player provides shocking bass experiment for you!


  • Designed with Bluetooth function and built-in speaker, use the remote the change it to Bluetooth mode and the CD player stream music through Bluetooth MP3 player or your phone
  • Shocking bass experiment for its loudspeaker which is designed for high closed full band speaker
  • Designed with Auto power on / off timer, please note that each time you turn back on the player you need to reset the time and the power on / off timer

Product introduction

Brand AGPtEK
Color White
Weight 870g
Dimension 177 x 155 x 30 cm

Package included

  • 1 X CD player
  • 1 X AC Adapter
  • 1 X Remote
  • 1 Set of Expansion Bolts
  • 1 X User’s Manual (Warranty certificate)
  • 1 X Wall Bracket Plate

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(Set of 2) AGPtEK Adjustable Knee Braces Support Patella Knee Strap with Silicone Pad

Adjustable and fastening! Come with a nice strong Velcro, providing from slipping and rolling down, helping with pain associated with any patella tendon irritation and inflammation caused by occupational or sports activities. Considerable designed just for you!


  • Easy to put on with a velcro strap and very comfortable to wear and suitable for someone who is looing for a knee support
  • This patella strap(silicone pad )is extremely well padded which makes it comfortable as well as lightweight. The velcro is strong, and stayed fixed despite vigorous exercise
  • Provide knee support for people who has knee arthritis\

Product introduction

Brand AGPTek
Color black
Dimension of the velcro strap 14.57 × 1.38 inches
Dimension of the pad 8.27 × 1.46 inches
Material cotton + silicon + cloth

Package included

  • 2 sets of AGPtEK Adjustable Silicone Knee Protection Pad

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AGPtEK Multi-Card (SD, TF, MMC, Etc.) Reader with Micro 5 Pin Connection for OTG Mobile Phones (black)

Instant access to OTG mobile phones, portable for field work. This multi-card is designed perfectly to connect with the SD, TF, RS-MMC, MS micro (M2), SDHC, Micro SD, MINISD, mmc, MMC plus etc.



  • 4 in 1 card reader for mobile phone with OTG function
  • Instant access to your SD,TF,RS-MMC,MS micro(M2),SDHC, Micro SD, MINISD, mmc, MMC Plus etc. without using the computer
  • Supports to connect the mouse, keyboard, and U disk to your OTG mobile phone via its USB port
  • Portable for field work. It only weighs 37g with the dimension of 6*6.5*1(cm)
  • Please note: this product can only support your smartphones with Micro-USB port and OTG function or the device with USB host


Product introduction

Brand AGPTek
Color black
Demension 6*6.5*1 cm
Weight 45g
interface micro 5 pin
How to use Simply insert your SD card into the card reader – connect it to your phone’s micro USB port – open the file manager app – start scanning and viewing, copying, deleting, or sharing your game pictures.

Package included

  • 1 X AGPtEK Mobile Phone Card Reader
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable


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AGPtEK Dry Erase Basketball Coaching Clipboard

New zipper bag design with the material of magnet and high-quality leather, perfectly suitable for coaches of educational use!


  • Out layer is designed with black leather fabrics, and the inner is for color printing, easy for your operation
  • Take the material of magnet and high-quality leather to make it portable and durable
  • Box of 50, it weighs 600g for each
  • Suitable for coaches of educational use


Product introduction

Brand AGPTek
Color black
Weight 800g
Materia magent and high quality leather
Package OPP bag
Demension 20CM*27CM

Package included

  • 1 X Basketball Tactical Board
  • 2 X pen
  • 1 X Magnetic eraser
  • A set of magnet

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AGPtEK Sport Running Gym Wired in-ear Jogging Headphone with Microphone for iPhone, Samsung, and Android phones (white/green)

Lightly designed with bass turbo and microphone for your running, jogging, hiking and cycling! Convenient and durable, this in-ear headphone is ideal for devices with 3.5 mm interface!


  • Designed with ear hoop, which is perfect fit for sport; stay in your ears relatively well while running, jogging
  • The sweat-resistant design makes it convenient for your sports, it allows you to forget about your earphones and concentrate on your workout
  • Five different sized ear earpieces to choose from, which you can find one that fits you
  • Compatible with Smart Phones/ iPhone 6 / Samsung / Blackberry / Android / Galaxy Note 4 / 3 / 2, S5 / S4, you can also use it on MP3 player but please kindly note that the Microphone button will not work as play / pause button on MP3 player


Product introduction

Brand AGPTek
Color white
Frequency Range 20HZ-20KHZ
Weight 100g
Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 89DB + 32DB
Material ABS+PC

Package included

  • 1 X Sport In-ear headphones
  • 1 X Portable plastic storage box
  • 5 X different sized ear pieces

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AGPtEK Roar Headphone Amplifier Portable Amps with Bass Turbo for Phones, MP3s, Digital Players and computers(black)

Unbelievable sub-woofer with shocking sound! The amplifier is designed with volume control, bass on / off switch and power on / off switch, taking Japan’s Sanyo solid electrolyte and SMD SMT technology to ensure you an unbelievable feeling.


  • Works with all kinds of audio devices that with a 3.5mm input, this piece of kit will never significantly improve the sound quality if you’re using it with cheap headphones or your sound source input is “”pre-amplified” by a poor quality sound-card in your PC or other audio device
  • Designed with volume control, bass on / off switch and power on / off switch
  • Use Japan’s Sanyo solid electrolyte to make power filter, which means the charge and discharge rate go more fast and the dynamic sound is better
  • Designed with the SMD SMT technology to ensure small interference but greater sound qualityBuilt-in lithium battery comes with protective circuit, it usually takes 2 hours for the charge but 48 hours playback


Product introduction

  • Color black
  • weight: 100 g
  • Distoration: 0.003%/32 Ohm, 50MW
  • SNR: 115db
  • Output power:70MW*2


Package included

  • 1 x AGPtEK Roar Headphone Amplifier
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm audio cable

Warm Note: it will automatically shut down when Voltage is too low

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AGPtEK (59 inches long, 5.3 inches wide)Neoprene Adjustable Cable Sleeves for TV Computer Cable Management Sleeves for PC/Home Theater/Speaker Home Entertainment Center, 1 Piece

Adjustable cable sleeves for managing all of the cables behind the TV / computer / Home Theater / Speaker, Flexible Cable Wrap, Cable Cover, Cable Organizer, Cords! Best designed for just an attractive, affordable, and convenient cable management system, you are worthy of it!


  • Really makes behind the computer or TV a beautiful site and if you add a new cable just unzip pull the cable in and zip back up that easy
  • The cable sleeves is 59 inches long and 5.3 inches wide; You can either use them individually or pair them up to make a larger in diameter sleeve
  • The cable sleeves are durable and allow for the combining of sleeve, which is helpful for larger cables
  • One sleeve double Colors
  • Cuttable and expandable by yourself


Product introduction

product demensions 59.1 x 5.3 x 0.1 inches
weight 5.8 ounces
color Black/White


Package included

  • 1 piece cable sleeves