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AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit

By Kevin White

Thank you for joining me, and for today’s review I will be discussing the AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit. The package included a dog collar, two sets of leads, remote, and even batteries for the remote and collar. It also came with a test LED, but the LED that came with mine, didn’t work.


 When I first opened the box, I installed the batteries in the remote and then in the collar. After I installed the batteries, I then installed the shorter leads to see how well it would fit onto the pup. I didn’t want the leads to go too much into the dogs neck region as there are many different levels to this collar.


The AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit consists of 100 different levels of shock, 100 different levels of vibrate, and 1 level of sound. We tried on ourselves a low level shock of 3 and it doesn’t hurt, but definitely gets your attention. The vibrate mode is mostly what we used with the pup, so we could test how well the remote worked with the collar, without causing any trauma for the poor pooch.

AGPtek Dog Collar Training
The remote features a couple of nice features. You have the 1/2 button that you can select two different levels of intensity for one of the options. Again, we used vibrate and had the two levels set at 5 and 10. We wanted to see if the 5 wouldn’t be enough in certain situations, we have a quick easy button to pump up the volume so to speak.


The AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit remote also includes an LED on the top that you can use as a flash light, not a bad idea. It also has an easy mode changing button that scrolls through the options of static, vibrate, sound, and light. The sound setting worked just as well for a little while, but mostly just caused confusion with the newly trained best friend.


The last button is the one that does the deed. Press it and you will see your untrained dog become trained in seconds. Well maybe not seconds depending on what setting you are using, but it does work! I was really impressed with this unit and how many different levels there are. You could use this on most any dog as long as the collar is adjusted.


The only problem I saw with this wonderful unit, was the fact that there was no easy on/off switch to make the process of turning on the device faster. You have to hold in the Mode button in for a couple of seconds before it turns on. By then your pet could possibly not be acting out anymore and you missed your opportune moment to ZAP that bad behavior.

AGPtek Dog Collar Training
I have seen the use of invisible fences and other ways to train your pup, but this is the first training collar I have used. This worked great and I believe in AGPtek to deliver on a quality product. Thank you AGPtek for helping out in the training process and making a safe to use device.


If you are looking for a way to get rid of those nasty habits, and try to get your best friend (dog) to listen to you more, then I fully suggest picking up AGPtek’s Dog Collar Training Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started in the box, and they even have 2 dog option packages. I give AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit the White-Out Stamp of Approval, and if you were contemplating it before, just buy it! You won’t be disappointed!


Thank you for joining me and let me know if AGPtek helped you as well! Leave a comment if you would like!


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