Contour Gauge with Lock,AGPTEK 5″ and 10″ Widen Contour Duplications Gauge Shape Copy Tool with Folding Ruler and 2 Carpenter Pencils for Contoured,Curved Shapes, Corners, Woodworking Templates


  • 【Contour Gauge with Locking Feature】- The Locking Feature is solve the problem of inaccurate measurement due to movement.The lock on both sides of the profiler keeps the shape unchanged after leaving the measurement to make you duplicate and transfer the shape accurately to anywhere you need.
  • 【Precise Shape Duplication】- The single needle is only 0.06 inch which can easy get the high precision shape and provide you a more accurate data. You can simply push the contour gauge against the objec

Product description





Widen Design

Our 5 Inch & 10 Inch contour gauge duplicator is 5.1 inches wide, so the teeth are deep enough for your contour tool to copy the most irregular shapes with ultimate precision.


Locking System

With strong clamp locking feature, our contour duplication gauge will add comfort to you. Move the button up to lock, much easier to any place without worrying about the pins assembly slides.

High Quality

Made of high quality ABS material, they are strong and rustproof, more durable than other contour gauges!





2 Measurement

Rule markings with both inch and centimeter graduations, accurate and clear


High Precision Measurement

Accurately reproduce the exact outline of the shape to as little as 0.06 inch. Contour gauge can accurately record the cross section shape of curved or profiled contour,which is helpful for engineer to measure things.


Easy To Use

Just place onto your work area, slide the rulers into the shape needed, and tighten the screws. There you have your flawless measurement which can be transferred and traced onto any material

In The Box

1 X 10 inch contour gauge with double locks,

1 X 5 inch contour gauge with single lock,

1 X template tool,

2 X pencil.