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  1. Q:It can't be charged
  2. Q:There's a death angle on the screen, where no response is made.
  3. Q:It can't be fully charged.
  4. Q:Although the battery has been fully charged, it can only work for 2-3 hours.
  5. Q:The tablet can't be shut down, neither can it restart.
  6. Q:It fails to connect to the external keyboard
  7. Q:Some software can't be run in the tablet, like the Skype and Netflix.
  8. Q:It freezes every couple of minutes.
  9. Q:Some letter will not print when touch.
  10. Q:The memory card slot won't hold the external card in place.
  11. Q:It can't connect to the camera.
  12. Q:It can't connect to Wi-Fi
  13. Q:It fails to start up
  14. Q:The screen shuts off during its work.
  15. Q:The screen reacts slowly.
  16. Q:The screen keeps unlocked.
  17. Q:Is it possible to use the tablet during charge
  18. Q:No phone call is available.
  19. Q:Part of the screen makes no response to any touch.
  20. Q:The description says the tablet has a rear camera, but there's none indeed. In addition, the running time of the battery is too short although it is fully charged.
  21. Q:The Micro slot is unable to work.
  22. Q:It seems that there's a software defect in the tablet device, because the clock will lag behind after 1-2 minutes, and will lag further after 15 minutes. Although users live in America, the switching timezone of the tablet is confined to Beijing time.
  23. Q:Hardly has the screen gone blank when we get online. Sometimes, the screen will divide to two lines, both black and white, and then it will be out of work at all.
  24. Q:Crash occurs every 2 minutes.
  25. Q:After the earphone is plugged in, sounds and be heard but the microphone fails to work users say they have adjusted every possible setting. Does it mean that the loudspeaker is out of work?
  26. Q:No response is made when the tablet is charged. If the charger is plugged in, will the indicator light up?
  27. Q:There are some tiny dots on the screen when reading. Does it result from the low pixel?
  28. Q:When users are making visual communication through the camera, some purple distorted lines will appear on parts of the camera.
  29. Q:Most of the apps in the Android market can't be run in the tablet.
  30. Q:Poop occurs and no images appear after using the tablet for the third time.
  31. Q:There are some obvious scratches on the screen.
  32. Q:There's a death angle on the screen, where no response is made.
  33. Q:Battery will not charge fully overnight, only charges to 60% and drains pretty quick, how should I do with the tablet?
  34. Q:Does not install programs from Google Play Store or the Google Play Store doesn't work, how should I do?
  35. Q:The tablet can't recognize external HD using OTG cable, what should I do?
  36. Q:Is it possible to use the tablet during charge?
  37. Q:TP718JQ Kindle application tries to open and then crashes
  38. Q:TP718JQ-An Tu Tu Benchmark app crashes?
  39. Q: Subway Surf does not install?
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