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Sound only comes through one side of the headphones or not at all

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:24 am
by mambate182
1.Check if there are music files in your player. (Some models don’t have display screen and you need to connect it to the computer to check on it.)

2.Check if the headphones’ plug is firmly seated in the headphone jack of the device and if it is plugged in to the end.

3.Check the setting volume, increase the volume up on the player to see if there is an improvement. If there is volume control button on the headphones, try to increase the volume by it too.

4.Test the headphones with another device, if problem still exist, replace it with a new pair of headphones.

5.Check if the music file is damaged. Play the music file on another audio device, if it failed, please replace the music file.