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Do I need to re-pair the device every single time I want to connect via Bluetooth?

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:26 am
by mambate182
Not exactly. Only the first time you connect the device, you need to go through the “pairing” process. Once paired successful, you don’t need to pair again and the device will connect to your player automatically when you turn on the Bluetooth on both devices. However, you need to re-pair the device in the following cases:
1. When the relative device pairing record is deleted from the AGPTEK player manually.
2. When the pairing devices exceed the limit number, the earliest paired device record will be deleted, so if you want to connect to that device you need to pair with the player again.
3. If you update the firmware / restore the factory settings of the player, or reset the player, all the paired record will be deleted and all the devices that paired before need to pair again.
4. When the paired the device can’t be connected, please pair and connect again.