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Solutions When Micro SD card Can’t be Recognized by the Player

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:47 am
by mambate182
Note: Make sure the Micro SD card can work normally.
1. Re-insert the memory card properly. Turn off the player before you remove the card, and then insert the memory card according to the marking direction and reboot the player.
2. Make sure the micro card is clean and dry. To clean the dirt or stain, use dry and soft cloth or cotton ball.
4. Format the memory card on AGPTEK player in “Settings”. Remember to copy all the data in memory card to the computer before formatting.
5. Insert the Micro SD card into the player and then connect the mp3 to the computer, use the computer to format Micro SD card. Note: It is not guaranteed that the micro SD card formatted on computer or other device will work.