AGPTEK Musician Project


AGPTEK Musician Project


Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

We have always believed that.

Life is more than the trivial. It deserves our dedication and passion.

That is the power of music.

AGPTEK, as a professional Music Player manufacturer, is devoted to providing an excellent music player to the public.

AGPTEK Musician Project focuses completely on indie musicians. We choose charismatic musicians whom most people rarely know. We launch the customized music player together with the musician.

We hope these new creative voices will brighten your life.

The AGPTEK Musician Project is also an indie musician assistance program.

From July, 2017, AGPTEK will search and select indie musicians from multiple channels. Based on our existing platform resources, we will help them with the design and manufacture of the promotional materials as well as online promotion for their larger exposure to audiences worldwide.

Our mission is to surround you with bravo music.


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