30 Pcs Cable Clips with Strong Self-Adhesive Pads, Cable Drop Wire Holder Comes with 30 Screws, Organize Cords and Wires for a Clean Home/Office, White


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  • ✔ Cable Organization: Do you feel tired of all those messy cables and cords around your desk, TV, computer or cell phone? The items are design to solve trouble. They can help you to organize and manage your messy wire and make your space neat and organized. From then on, you will get away from mess, deal with your job faster, and keep a good mood every day.
  • ✔ Sey of 30 Cable Ties Comes with 30 Screws,: Adjustable according to the thickness of the cord. Hassle fr

Product description





Are you getting annoying by the mess cables in your office or at home.


here AGPTEK cable clips can solve your problem , brings you tiny and clean environment for you.


The cable clips can be used for a variety of cables, such as computers, televisions, power plugs, USB cables or network cables, etc. to provide a clean and simple environment.






More Stable with Screws


The 30 cable clips come with 30 * screws as well. There are two holes in the middle that can be nailed. If you want to organize the wires better, you can nail the screws in the middle.




Prevent Danger for Children


Children are too young to recognize danger. Mess cables around cable may cause a danger for children. Use the cable clip to manage cords , safety is first.





No Residue


High adhesion on smooth surfaces, not suitable for damp rooms and coarse or porous surfaces. Easy to tear off if it is unusable. There will be no marks left.




Easy to Use


It can be easily attached to any surface such as wall, desk, plastic, wood, glass, metal. Just peel your paper off the surface and then glue it to your desk with back adhesive. No additional tools are needed.





Special for network cable, TV-coax cable, power cords, charging cables, USB cords, cell phone chargers, audio cables, wired headphones, etc.



1.Make sure the surface is clean and dry.


2.Press and hold for 30 seconds after sticking.


3.The clips are flat, they do not fit perfectly on curved or rough surface, if you want to use them on curved or rough surface, please don’t hang heavy cables.


4.Ensure the surface can’t fall off.


5.Please stay away from fire.


6.Alcohol will make adhesive easy to clean.


7. Material: acrylic glue & PP


Package contents::

  • 1 * carton
  • 30 * cable clip
  • 30 * screw