AGPTEK (150cm long, 10cm wide Neoprene Cable Sleeves for TV Computer Management Sleeves,set of 2


  • ☛ Super Affordable Package Combination: The cable sleeve is 150cm long and 10cm wide, and each package has 2 Pieces of Cable Sleeves, which can greatly meet your needs.
  • ☛ Easy & Convenient to Use: Cuttable and expandable by yourself. You can either use them individually or pair them up to make a larger in diameter sleeve. Durable and allow for the combining of sleeve, which is helpful for larger cables.
  • ☛ Tow Colors for Choice: One unit with two colors, black and white. Black

Product description

Colour Name:150cm*10cm,2 Set

AGPTEK Narrow Neoprene Cable Sleeves which can accommodate messy wires under the TV, computer desk, etc., and keep them hide safe from babies, feet and pets, reducing the risk of messy wires falling over.


Durable and flexible enough to hold all of your cables securely and tightly.
Easy to use,simply wrap around the cable and attach the magic tape.
This wrap is big enough to fit a number of cables of various sizes.
Perfect solution to manage your all kinds of cords.


Dimension: 10(wide)*150cm(length)/60″*4″
Product weight: 240g
Packing size: 32*10*4cm
Package weight: 258g
Material: neoprene, nylon
Color: black and white (you can use black or white surface according to your preference)


Package Include:
AGPTEK (150cm long, 10cm wide)) Neoprene Cable Sleeves (set of 2)