AGPTEK Adjustable Cable Sleeve, 3m/9.84ft PET Cable Management with Flame Retardancy, Cable Protection System for TV, Computer, Home Theater, Car and More. (S2, White)


  • Say Goodbye To Messy Cables: Self-closing wire sleeve can be quickly bundled to help you hide and organize cables in homes, offices and workshops, which is ideal for removing or adding wires.
  • Adjustable & Easy To Use: The cable protector is 12-20mm / 0.47-0.79in in diameter and 3m / 9.84ft in length, which is ideal for most cables. It can be cut to any length to meet your needs. Note: Cut it with a hot knife to prevent fraying or melt the ends a bit with a lighter aft

Product description

Still bothered by unsightly mess of tangled cables?
The AGPTEK cable sleeve is a simple cable management solution to keep various cords, cables and wires in your home and office well-organized and out of sight. Bring you a tidy, comfortable and enjoyable working and living environment.


✔tidy up the wires, free from biting and keep your house or office clean.
✔Quickly and easily cut to any desired length.
✔Wires can be taken from anywhere in the braided wire for your convenience.
✔Good wear resistance, flame resistant, ventilation and heat dissipation.
✔Durable and lightweight, easy to inspect or maintain cables.


Length: 3m/10ft
Color: Black
Applicable Diameter Range: 12-20mm/0.47-0.79inch
Material: polyester monofilament, polyester multifilament
Melting Point: 240±10°C
Flame Retardant Rating: UL94 V-2
Working Temperature: -50℃~+150℃


Package Contents:
1 x 3m Cable Sleeve