Anion Car Air Purifier for Car Travelling and Home Use


  • voltage:DC12V
  • power:1W
  • size:109*46*46mm
  • type: AC01
  • current:<60ma
  • weight 1.76 OZ
  • Negative ion release quantity:> 100 m/cm3

Product description

Use method and function

This product is a kind of car air purifier to purify the air inside the car.
This product is compact and convenient, directly into the cigarette lighter of the car to work, produce negative ions.
Warning: trucks and trains cigarette lighter is 24V, can not use this product



*Generate clean anion
*Reduce the electrostatic
*Eliminate secondhand smoke and fresh air
*Improve lung function
*To formaldehyde in addition to the peculiar smell
*Prevention air-condition disease