Neoprene Cable Management Sleeves with Zipper, Set of 4, White


  • Really makes behind the computer or TV a beautiful site and if you add a new cable just unzip pull the cable in and zip back up that easy
  • The diameter of the sleeves when zipped is about 1.5".
  • You can either use them individually or pair them up to make a larger in diameter sleeve
  • Having a zip

Product description


Not only do tangled cords look messy, but they can also cause accidents and make it difficult to determine which cable belongs to which device.Just gather the cords together, place the sleeve around the bundle and zip the sleeve closed. When you need to remove or add cables, simply unzip the sleeve. The flexible material easily routes cables along desks, walls and TV stands.

  • No More Messy Cables for Home/Office/Workshop:
    Captive Cables Sleeves hide unsightly wires to keep your cords in order and appear only two sides. Don’t let messy cables ruin your entertainment centre, just wrap, zip-up and say goodbye to clutter.Easy and quick installation, just zip up and done. The zip-up mechanism also ensures pain-free access and exit to your cables at anytime.It is Ideal for keeping cords organized behind the television, computer monitor, assembly line equipment, etc.
  • Zip-up Design with Buckles:
    With a zipper closure you can just wrap the sleeve around the cords and zip it up. And zip two together could get larger bundles. With the buckles,two or more sleeves can be joined together to get longer length as you want. Moreover, multiple entry/exit holes allows you to keep your cables in place and organized.
  • High-class Neoprene Material
    This cable management sleeve could bear wear and tear without being damaged, both reusable and durable. Long lasting and designed for heavy duty, they can protect your cords from foot traffic & chewing pets.



  1. Color: Black
  2. Material: Neoprene
  3. Dimension: 19.7*3.9inch


Package Content

4*cable sleeves