AGPtek Fluorescent Marker Pen 8 Colors/set for LED Writing Menu Board


  • It can be used for decorating and writing on glass, windows, board and all non-porous surfaces.
  • Complies to European Safety Standard En 71
  • Condition: 100% brand new

Product description


The AGPtEK Fluorescent Marker Pen are the ideal tool for drawing or writing on LED Writing Menu Board, glass, windows, and almost all non-porous surfaces. These chalk pens will simply brighten up your life for any project that you desire. The chalkboard markers are wet wipe and easily erasable (for non-porous surfaces).

Dustless and Fluorescent chalk pens. The AGPtEK Liquid Chalk Markers work best with  LED Board and LED glass. These would be your ideal and helpful tools to create Baby Milestone Boards, Wedding Boards or Bistro Boards!

Eight different bright and funky colors are included in every package (Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White, Pink, Orange, and Purple). These markers dry fast and are easily erasable.


How to use the fluorescent marker pen?

1. Shake well with cap on and up-right remove cap.
2. Press tip for a few seconds until tip fills with ink.
3. Recap tightly after use and store in horizontal position.



Prohibit the use of children under the age of three.
Please do not put on the high temperature and flame edge.


Please note:

This fluorescent pen just can be only used as chalk to write on the LED Board and LED glass, it’s not suitable for writing on the paper.


Package Content

1 box 8 colors Marker Pens