H01 High Resolution Lossless Music Player, 2.4″ Display, Black


  • HIGH RESOLUTION LOSSLESS MUSIC: Professional quality with WM8740 DAC chip, increase the Voltage Amplifier Headphone audio interfaces to ensure Sound Clarity.Support lossless music formats : APE(48K/24bit),FLAC(48K/24bit),WAV(96K/24bit),WMA(48K/16bit).
  • LINE OUT: Independent Line Out Port enables you to amplify the mp3 player via changing the line level and output c

Product description


  • Rotatable Volume Keys
  • Unique Boot and Lock Key
    – the switch upwards push around screen block,the switch in the center slide to unlock
    – the switch down for 3 seconds and keep the device and in turn.
  • Line out:
    -Headset audio interface to increase the voltage amplification amp, ensure the sound more clear;
    -On the audio interface to increase the current amplification amp, ensure that the connection of various audio equipment to play lossless music
  • Large Storage Capacity
    Comes with 8G storage, and compatible with 64G.To avoid incompatibility, please use AGPTek Memory Card.You can read unlimited number of songs to play By folder.



Material: Alloy
Package Dimensions: 4.72×3.15× 1.57in
Item Dimension: 3.54*3.23*0.59 inches
MP3 Weight: 6.17oz
Package Weight:8.81oz
Chip: wm8740
Battery: lithium battery integrated 1500ma
Languages:English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
Supporte Formats: mp3, wave, wma, flac, ape, ogg, aac, m4a / ape (48k / 24bit), flac (48k / 24bit), wav (96k / 24bit), wma (48k / 16bit)


Package Includes

1 x MP3 Player
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual