AGPtEK Insulated Electrical Screwdriver Phillips and Flat Double Head Precision 7pcs Set Black Finish Blades With Magnetic Tips Home Outdoor Repair Tool Kit


  • Cr-v steel with heat treatment, high hardness and good toughness and resistence
  • Black finish blade with magnetic tips which could conveniently attracts screws
  • Plastic blade cover and special material which makes it durable and not easily broken down
  • With ergonomic TPR handle and button on it, it helps you to use very easily
  • Insulated blades for Electrical applications. Workingvoltage:500v

Product description

UPC: 700697017533

Every house should have a screwdriver tool set like this one as it provides 14 screwdriver tips for you to choose, whatever it is u-shape 2.6 or triangle 4.0 screwdriver, you can get rightone whenever in need, no worry about shortage of tools when doing projects or home maintenance! This kits are very handy and durable and very safety, and you can use them for a long time with no need to change all the time! Moreover,the shafts are made from Cr-v steel with Plastic blade cover for Insulated Electrical applications. Magnetic tips protected by Black finish which can make all the precision,density.Tips are magnetized to prevent screws from being dropped and for easy one-handed installation.The ergonomic TPR handle provides more comfortable operation effort the torsional power of the top of screwdriver achieve the best condition.


Package include:

  • 1X T10 and T20 double head screwdriver
  • 1X T15 and T25 double head screwdriver
  • 1X -3.0 and +PH0 double head screwdriver
  • 1X -5.0 and +PH1 double head screwdriver
  • 1X -6.0 and +PH2 double head screwdriver
  • 1X Y1 and Y2 double head screwdriver
  • 1X U-shape2.6 and Triangle 4.0
  • 1X screwdriver handle