TS11S Toilet Sound Blocker,Toilet Silencer ,Silver


  • LET GRACE EVERYWHERE?Simulate the sound of running water to cover the toilet sound,protect privacy, avoid embarrassment. popular In the USA, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries,Suitable for Hotels, Offices, Airports, Families
  • INFRARED INDUCTION: infrared sensor trigger playback, a playback time of 35 seconds, repeated operations can be extended halfway

Product description

This is genius for those embarrassing moments. Nothing worse then having to use the bathroom and someone may hear you. This is just so cool. You can switch between 4 sounds music, toilet flushing, water running, and water and birds. Its censored by motion and you can adjust that so when you pass it the sound comes on.



Volume adjustment range: 40DB-130DB
distance volume adjustment range: 1.96-9.84In
Music to switch:toilet flushing, water running, water and birds,and soft music
Infrared Induction: infrared sensor trigger playback, a playback time of 35 seconds


Package List

4x Double Sided Adhesive Tape
2x Screw
2x Screw stopper
1x Cap opener
1x Manual