Wake-Up Light with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation, Touch Control


  • SUNRISE/SUNSET SIMULATION MODE: Colored sunrise/sunset simulation help you wake up/fall asleep gradually with natural light.
  • 7 ALARM SOUNDS WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION: FM radio can also be set as alarm sound. After entering the snooze mode, alarm sound will play again after 5 minutes and last for 2 minutes.

Product description


  • Sunrise Simulation Wake-up Light
    – 30 minutes before alarm time, the sunrise simulation white light will be on from 10% to 100% intensity at alarm time to prepare our body for waking up and getting alert.
  • Sunset Simulation Sleep Light
    – 30 minutes before sunset time, the sunset simulation white light will be on at 100% intensity whatever at any mode, and then it will become lower and lower intensity until turn off at sunset time.
  • Clock Function
    – Optional for a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock and adjustable for the intensity of LED time display (low-high-off).
  • FM Radio
    – Press “FM” to switch on/off the FM radio. Long press “FM” to scan radio frequencies automatically and scanned frequencies will be saved automatically. You can choose FM radio volume level between 00-15.
  • Bluetooth
    – At Bluetooth speaker mode, to pair this unit(1981B) with phone to play music.
  • AUX
    – At AUX mode, to connect this unit with other device via AUX cable(not included).



Power Supply: DC 5V or 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
Dimension of the product: 0.67 x 0.67 x 0.41 inches
Net Weight: 350g
Material: ABS



1. Batteries are designed for back-up power. When only batteries are used, the other functions will be limited except the alarm clock. It is recommended to plug in the power when using it.
2. To get a good radio signal, fully unwind antenna and move it around until you receive the best reception.


Package List

1 * AGPTEK Wake-up Light
1 * Micro USB cable
1 * User Manual