AGPTEK Wired Earphones Headphones, Ultra Soft Skin-Friendly Noise Isolating Earphones Earbuds with Built-in Mic Remote Control, Semi-In Ear, 3.5mm Plug, Powerful Bass Driven Earphones for Running

Product Specs:

  • According to the ergonomic design, the 60-degree elevation angle fits the auricle, the semi-in-ear type, shallow in the ear, which reduces the burden on the ear and is more comfortable and stable.
  • Skin-friendly matte texture (Kevlar fiber coating) unique appearance, custom skin-friendly antibacterial silica, bring you a super-comfortable touch.
  • L-shaped 3.5mm plug, compatible with any 3.5MM socket device on the market (compatible with Android and iOS), built-in microphone, wire control function to help play/pause/skip music, volume adjustment, answer/hang up call, Siri (IOS only)
  • Customized wire, PU aluminum foil soft twisted wire + Kevlar coating, enhanced toughness, can withstand twice the tension of the general wire, and reduce the winding issues (light anti-winding)
  • What you get: 1*earphones, 1*pair of earplugs & 1*storage bag, includes 100% satisfaction service, free return and refund policy within 3 months, zero worry, any problem just contact us first, we will provide a satisfactory solution.

Product description

AGPTEK HE01 in-ear headphones, semi-in-ear design, more comfortable, skin-friendly matte antibacterial silicone surface, giving you an incredible touch, built-in microphone,
powerful in-line control, help play / pause / skip music, volume adjustment Answering/hanging calls, bring you a more convenient life.


🔥60 degree elevation fits the auricle design, half-in-ear, shallower in the ear, more comfortable and stable;
🔥Custom skin-friendly antibacterial silica gel for a superb matte touch;
🔥3.5mm interface L-shaped pin, compatible with any 3.5MM socket device on the market (compatible with Android and iOS);
🔥Built-in microphone, wire control function to help music play, pause, sound adjustment, previous song, next song, answer, hang up, Siri (IOS only);
🔥PU aluminum foil soft twisted + Kevlar coated cable, the toughness is strengthened, can withstand twice the pulling force of the general wire, and reduce the winding issues (anti-winding);


Sensitivity: 98dB
Length: 120CM
Impedance: 16 ohms
Rated power: 10mV
Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
Packing size: 11.5*8*1.8CM
Product net weight: 11g
Gross weight: 35g


1* headphone, 1 pair of earplugs, 1* storage bag