20PCS Dental Cheek Retractor, C-Shape Lip Opener


  1. 20 PCS Dental Cheek Retractor Lip Opener
  2. 12 Medium ; 8 Small size C shape retractor
  3. Fits adults and children
  4. Clear color
  5. Made of durable PE and PC material

Package includes:

  1. 12 x Retractor ( Medium size )
  2. 8 x Retractor ( Small size )

Product description


20PCS Dental Cheek Retractor is especially designed for home teeth care. You get 12 medium size retractor for adults and 8 small size for kids, compatible for all family members. It easily keeps your mouth open and hands available for oral inspection and treatment. It doesn’t stretch lips and you will not feel uncomfortable, making it great for home dental care, dental offices and teeth whitening salons. Dental cheek retractor is originally created for dental use but have become the inspiration for a hilarious game that is popular in various parties. Made of durable PE and PC material, it is also PDA registered. This eco-friendly retractor is completely recyclable so it is widely used in dental offices and teeth salons.