5-In-1 Large size Foam Roller Kit with Muscle Roller Stick and Massage Balls, High Density 18’’ Foam Roller for Muscle Therapy and Balance Exercise


  • 5-In-1 Foam Roller Kit: Included 1* large size 18’’ foam roller, 1*18’’muscle roller stick, 2* best rank massage balls, and 1* portable bag. Convenient and portable, easily fit in your gym bag or backpack and take it anywhere!
  • Meets all you need: Large size foam roller is perfect for back muscle and thigh muscle relaxation. The muscle roller stick is not only for calf and thigh muscle, but also for neck relaxing. And the 2 massage balls work well in deep muscle knots.
  • Perfect for Ther

Product description

5-in-1 foam roller kit is designed for both athletes and all exercisers. This kit provides great immediate impact on performance and overall health.


3 Reasons for best choice

  • Relax your tight muscles, optimize range of motion, and empower you to jump higher, run faster, and lift heavier, quickly and effectively.
  • Our high-density trigger point foam roller for upper back is made to roll through tight muscles, to reduce soreness.
  • Designed to withstand repeated use while maintaining shape.



  • Material:
    • Foam Roller – EVA+PVC
    • Muscle Roller Stick – PVC+AS+SS
    • Massage Ball – PVC
  • Size:
    • Foam Roller – Length 18’’, Diameter 4.3’’
    • Muscle Roller Stick – Length 18’’
    • Massage Ball – Diameter 2.4’’



  • 1 * Foam roller
  • 1 * Muscle roller stick
  • 2 * Massage balls
  • 1 * Portable bag