A3 Drawing Pad, AGPtEK Adjustable Brightness Tattoo Tracing Pad, LED Art Graphics Table Light Box for Animation, Sketching, Designing, Stencilling, Drawing, Sewing


  • Adjustable Brightness. Touch switch design to adjustable the brightness by pressing it for 1-3 seconds.
  • Eyesight Protected Design. The bright flicker free led lamps provide even light for the light box surface.
  • Large Working Area: A3 Size (118.5"*14.6"*0.2") which is large for people to draw. The drawing light pad is widely used in animation, tattoo
  • USB Cable Powered Design. With USB cable, it can access to any USB port like computer, USB adapter or even power bank.

Product description

Product Highlights

  • Comes with a USB Cable
    AGPtEK light box is a new version of traditional drawing pad which goes with a USB cable. It allows people to plug it into computer, wall charger or power bank. In addition, the USB cable is 2 meters long
  • Super Easy, Just to Press!
    The brightness of the art light pad is adjustable by pressing the touch switch for 1-3 seconds when it connected to power. It is easy to use
  • Thin, Portable and Bright
    AGPtEK tracing light box is super thin and you can take it anywhere, in the classroom, office or coffee house to relax yourself by drawing something. The light box is super bright
  • Eyesight Protected Technology
    With the latest led technology, the led lamps inside the A3 light box provide even light for users and it will not hurt eyes easily


Usage of Litup AGPtEK Light Box

  • Professional copy in animation,cartoon
  • Tattoo Tracing, Craft Projects, Fabric design
  • Photograph, Film, Slider Transfering
  • Professional Tracing in Indoor, Architecture, Design and Drawing
  • X-ray Viewer in hospital


Package include:

  • 1 X LED Tracing Light Pad
  • 1 X USB adapter
  • 1 X USB cable