Adjustable Foot Rest, Portable Footrest Airplane Hammock


  1. Adjustable Footrest Hammock
  2. Reduce pressure and fatigue on your foot and body
  3. Easy to set up in seconds
  4. lightweight and small folded size, easy to carry
  5. Use it in office, school, bus, train, long-distance subway, airplane, etc.

Package includes:

1 x Adjustable Foot Rest

Product description


AGPTEK Adjustable Foot Rest is designed for all business person, travel enthusiasts and anyone needs long time sitting. It looks like a mini hammock and can be adjusted to the height you want. Just hang the footrest to the bracket of the table, then put on your feet or calves. It helps you to reduce pressure on your back and feet pain by keeping your feet or calf elevated. The footrest is a sweet and considerate gift for people as it is easy to carry with light weight and small folded size!