Aluminum Alloy Fast 360°Rotator Swing Spinner Rope Swivel Connector

Product Specs:

  1. Material: Light weight 7075 aluminum alloy
  2. Maximum afford: 30KN/3300LB
  3. Size: 105mm/4.25inch*54mm/2.13inch*11mm/0.43inch
  4. Weight: 145g /5.11 oz

Product description

This Aluminum Swivel rotation connector is make of 7075 aluminum alloy strong and elegant, Maximum afford Strength 30KN/6600lb Integrated Sealed Ball Bearings, ensure friction-less 360°smooth Rotation, No More Twisted Ropes or Chains when connected. With CE and EN certificated quality approved. Ideal for Rock Climbing, Swing Setting, Aerial Dance, Hanging Chairs, Hammock Swings, Aerial Skills, Tire Swings, Disc Swings, Web Swings or Anywhere You Need Dependable.