Plastic Bottle Cutter


  1. Creative Bottle Cutter for Decoration
  2. Adjustable for String Width and Easy to Use
  3. Portable and Durable
  4. Eco-friendly and Energy-saving
  5. Multi-purpose for Various Creativity, Bracelets, Baskets, Bags or Other Home and Garden Decoration

Package includes:

  • 1 × Plastic Bottle Cutter
  • 1 × User Manual

Product description


All of us are surrounded by large quantities of plastic bottles. Every day we us them, and throw them into trash bins. Indeed recycling plastic bottles is prevailing but it will cost large amounts of manpower and money. Why don’t you use this plastic bottle cutter? This cutter can turn waste plastic bottles into sturdy strings with several steps. It can also be adjusted to get strings with different width, help you decorate your home and garden with various creativity, such as weaving bracelets and baskets, making simple chairs or ladders, etc. Without any cost, this cutter can greatly solve the plastic bottles problems, and change your lifestyle with a creative way. A pocket-sized design makes it easy to use and hold. It’s lightweight and durable. Is it beckoning? Come on, so cheap price, then you will lead a creative life!