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Reseller program

  • Agptek is committed to delivering the best products, services, and solutions to its customers and recognizes the advantages of strong partnerships. We are actively seeking resellers to deliver comprehensive solutions and best serve our joint customers. To obtain more information about our reseller program please tell us about yourself. You will then be contacted by one of our Partner Program Manager
  • Reseller Agreement

    1. Anyone who purchases AGPTEK products should pay attention to the following terms: AGPTEK offers one year warranty, the warranty period from the date buyer purchase with AGPTEK directly, AGPTEK do not offer free warranty for products which are beyond one year warranty. For the beyond one year warranty products which still need warranty, the warranty fee will be charged according to specific product.

    2.Anyone who purchases AGPTEK products and then do secondary sales. Should comply with the following terms: AGPTEK only take responsible for the customer who purchase with AGPTEK directly. AGPTEK do not directly accept any warranty requirement asked by who purchase with middleman. AGPTEK only accept warranty requirement asked by who purchase with AGPTEK directly.

    3. Anyone willing to purchase with AGPTEK should read all terms carefully. Anyone do purchase with AGPTEK after read this agreement will be deemed to agree this agreement.

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(Please Note, we are unable to accept P.O. Box numbers for the standard business address provided below; you may specify a different business address in the Alternative Business Address section (including P.O. Box Numbered Addresses for use on our website) but not for the purposes of this Agreement.)

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VAT number, please use the international format (example for the Czech republic is CZ123456789)

European Union member countries, as defined in the International Reseller Agreement, should provide a valid international VAT number, except where that country does not currently provide cross-border VAT schemes under the EU intra-community trading rules.

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All Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control systems to assure performance. All the products are 100% tested in production.

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