Neoprene Cable Sleeves Zipper & Cable Clips


  • Special zip-up design with buckles make it easier to use.
  • Double Capacity Available: Just zip two together to get larger bundles
  • Premium Quality Neoprene Material
  • No More Messy Cables
  • 4*cable sleeves, 5*cable clips, 1*sticker.

Product Specs:

  1. UPC:757440662601
  2. Color: Black
  3. Material: Neoprene
  4. Dimension: 19.7*3.9inch

Product description




Stick Use Step
sticker can be used to mark the

sleeve for better differentiation.


No More Messy Cables
Captive Cables Sleeves hide unsightly wires to keep

your cords in order and appear only two sides.

Don’t let messy cables ruin your entertainment centre,

just wrap, zip-up and say goodbye to clutter.

Easy and quick installation, just zip up and done.

The zip-up mechanism also ensures pain-free

access and exit to your cables at anytime.

It is Ideal for keeping cords organized behind the television,

computer monitor, assembly line equipments, etc.

Make home a home a cozy environment and safer place

for you and your family.


Package Content: 
✔ 4*cable sleeves (​Dimension: 19.7*3.9inch)
✔ 5*cable clips
✔ 1*sticker