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Why my AGPTEK player can’t be recognized when connected to computer

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:31 am
by mambate182
1.Check if the computer USB interface meets the standard - USB 2.0 version.

2.Check if the USB cable can work on other device, because some USB cable is only for charging.

3.Check the computer driver is working.

4.Check if the AGPTEK is low-battery, if so, charge for a while first.

5.Check if the computer is reading other USB device. (In addition to the mouse, keyboard, USB connection device),

6.Make sure the computer is not in low-battery state.

7.Reboot the computer.

8.Some model of the player need to be connected in power-on state, such as S22.

9.Some model has different USB connecting mode, please switch the USB mode, such as H3.

10.Forced firmware flashing. DO NOT operate by yourself, please contact our customer service for firmware download instruction.