Try the following ways if your AGPTEK Player can not be connected/paired to Bluetooth device

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Try the following ways if your AGPTEK Player can not be connected/paired to Bluetooth device

Postby mambate182 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:24 am

NOTE: The Bluetooth devices that can be connected to AGPTEK player vary from the player’s model, the devices mentioned below refer to Bluetooth receivers like Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphones, etc.

1.AGPTEK player can’t be connected to mobile phone (except ROCKER, MH3B) or APPLE headphones AIR PODS.
2.Some Bluetooth devices may be incompatible with the player, please give the specific models to our customer service, so we could improve Bluetooth function afterwards.
3.When connect to in-car Bluetooth device, the player may not be recognized because of PIN code entry requirement of it. AGPTEK player default PIN code is 0000, so if the PIN code of your in-car Bluetooth device is 0000, you can try to connect the player to your car via Bluetooth. However, it is not guaranteed that all Bluetooth devices with PIN code 0000 can connect AGPTEK player normally.

Before pairing, please check the following condition:
1. Make sure the target pairing device is within 1 meter near the player.
2. Make sure the player and the pairing device are not in low-battery status.
3. Pause the music playback on the AGPTEK player and turn the volume down so as to avoid discomfort caused by the abrupt loud sound from the pairing Bluetooth playback device.

Pair and connect the Bluetooth device as following steps:
1. Turn on the target Bluetooth device.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the AGPTEK player and search available device.
3. Wait until the name of the target Bluetooth device shows on the AGPTEK player’s screen, choose the name(the device) to pair
4. When successfully paired, word “paired” will prompt on the player’s screen, or relative voice will prompt from the paired Bluetooth device.
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