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Why does the sound only comes through one side of the earphone on my AGPTEK player?

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:02 am
by mambate182
Possible Causes:
- Earphones being connected improperly
- Broken or defective headphones
- Physical damage caused by mishandling
- Defective headphone jack.

STEP 1 - Ensure the earphones are connected properly
When the 3.5mm connector of earphone are connected correctly, it should fit snugly in the earphone jack. The rubber boot will fit closely to the AGPTEK player.

STEP 2 - Verify if the earphones is working
- Test the AGPTEK player with a known good set of earphones
- Test the earphones with another working device. If the earphones are NOT working properly, they should be replaced.

STEP 3 - Check for visible signs of physical damage

If the AGPTEK player was dropped or mishandled, this would be considered man-made physical damage and would NOT be covered by the AGPTEK warranty.

STEP 4 - Verify if sound comes out of the earphone

If the sound does not come out unless the headphone jack is twisted or jiggled, the earphone jack on the AGPTEK player may be defective. Contact to check warranty status.