Troubleshooting for No Sound or Distorted/Intermittent Sound

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Troubleshooting for No Sound or Distorted/Intermittent Sound

Postby mambate182 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:05 am

The solution is aimed at all AGPTEK headphones and products that can be connected to headphones, so some steps are only common steps. For the operation of the specific model, it is recommended to refer to the attached manual or contact AGPTEK customer service at

Each of the following steps represents a possible solution to this problem; check the headset's status as each step is completed.
1.Make sure that the headphone plug is firmly seated in the headphone jack of the device and that it is plugged in to the end.

2.While plugged properly, rotate the headphone plug 360°.

3.If there is volume control function on the headphone, turn up the volume on the player, and then adjust the volume via buttons on the headphones to the desired level.

4.Play different formats of music, or tune to a different radio or channel. If the problem still exists, the audio source is the cause.

5.If you can hear audio only from the left channel of your headset, make sure that the connected device has stereo output.

6.If an extension cord is used to connect the headset, disconnect the extension cord and connect the headset directly. If problem solved after it, the extension cord is the cause.

7.Test the headphones with another working device.

8.Test player with another working headphones.

If the problem remains unsolved, you should replace or repair the headset. Please contact AGPTEK customer service at
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