How to connect AGPTEK player to the computer

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How to connect AGPTEK player to the computer

Postby mambate182 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:45 am

You can use the AGPTEK Player as a USB flash drive. If your player doesn’t have internal memory, you can insert a Micro SD card and then use it as a USB flash drive.

1. Connect your player to your computer via USB cable properly.
2. Double click “Computer” on the desktop and find the AGPTEK disk, and then double click to open it.
3. Find the file or file folder you need in the computer, right click it and choose “Copy”, then in the AGPTEK disk window, right click and choose “Paste” and the files will be transferred to the AGPTEK disk. Or you can simply drag the files you need and drop them in the AGPTEK disk window.

1. During the file transferring process, do not disconnect the player from computer, or it may cause host failure and the file being transfer may be damaged.
2. The music files transferred to the player may be arranged in a different order than it is in your computer.
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