AGPtEK CD Player with 3.5mm Audio Jack FM Radio Remote USB port Internal Bluetooth Receiver ( it also can play CDs with MP3 Files burned onto them )White

Designed with LED display screen, powered by mains adapter, you can listen music through Bluetooth MP3 player or your phone under its BT mode. Small and portable, the player provides shocking bass experiment for you!


  • Designed with Bluetooth function and built-in speaker, use the remote the change it to Bluetooth mode and the CD player stream music through Bluetooth MP3 player or your phone (more…)

(Set of 2) AGPtEK Adjustable Knee Braces Support Patella Knee Strap with Silicone Pad

Adjustable and fastening! Come with a nice strong Velcro, providing from slipping and rolling down, helping with pain associated with any patella tendon irritation and inflammation caused by occupational or sports activities. Considerable designed just for you!


  • Easy to put on with a velcro strap and very comfortable to wear and suitable for someone who is looing for a knee (more…)

AGPtEK (59 inches long, 5.3 inches wide)Neoprene Adjustable Cable Sleeves for TV Computer Cable Management Sleeves for PC/Home Theater/Speaker Home Entertainment Center, 1 Piece

Adjustable cable sleeves for managing all of the cables behind the TV / computer / Home Theater / Speaker, Flexible Cable Wrap, Cable Cover, Cable Organizer, Cords! Best designed for just an attractive, affordable, and convenient cable management system, you are worthy of it!


  • Really makes behind the computer or TV a beautiful site and if you add a new cable just unzip pull the cable in and zip back up that easy
  • The cable sleeves is 59 inches long and 5.3 inches wide; (more…)

AGPtEK B03 8GB MP3 Lossless Sound 30 Hours Music Playback Music Digital Player with FM radio (Suitable for car’s audio, Supports up to 64GB Micro SD Card, SD/TF Card is not included in the package) Black

Entry Hi-Fi MP3 player with 7 independent buttons for your easy use! Born for Music and Sport, design for Sports and driving. This is the updated version of A02 with two more keys, perfectly compatible with the function of it, which means great easy to use for people of all ages! (more…)