How to reset the player?


Reset the player under the following circumstances:

  1. Can not turn on the player(before reset, connect to a computer and make sure the player has electricity)
  2. Can not be recognized by the computer (for the first use or has been used for some time)
  3. Wrong button function, player crashed because of subjective factors


How to reset different player?

  1. For players WITH power slider: A02 A26 A12 B03 M23 M07 G05 G05W G05S G15S U1
    Switch the slider to ON position, then hold the play button for 10 seconds;
  2. E02 G12:
    Hold the play button for 10 seconds;
  3. (more…)

How to use a glass bottle cutter at home?

What you got is a glass bottle when you finish drinking your Bloody Mary Mix. Then what will you do to the bottle? Just throw it away? Actually, with a good bottle cutter, you can make it a drinking glass, a flower vase, a candle holder, or even a wind chimes.

AGPtek Bottle Cutter is especially designed for home users. It is easy to install and use. Install the cutter according to the user manual firstly. Then follow the four steps below and you will get what you want.

The four easy steps are: etch, heat, cool and polish.



This is exactly the same as making a score line when cutting glass. Lay the bottle cutter on the top of your flat table. Place the bottle on the cutter.
Hold the cutter steady with your left hand. Grasp the bottle with your right hand. Turn it against the glass cutter edge in a slow and steady movement. Make sure you complete 1 full rotation, but do not do any more than that. Later you will get a clear cutting line on the bottle.





Immerse the cutting line with water that is a little hot and rotate the bottle at a fast speed so as to give a uniform temperature to the glass. Holding the bottle, you should feet it hot in touch but not too hot to handle. (more…)