How to reset the player?


Reset the player under the following circumstances:

  1. Can not turn on the player(before reset, connect to a computer and make sure the player has electricity)
  2. Can not be recognized by the computer (for the first use or has been used for some time)
  3. Wrong button function, player crashed because of subjective factors


How to reset different player?

  1. For players WITH power slider: A02 A26 A12 B03 M23 M07 G05 G05W G05S G15S U1
    Switch the slider to ON position, then hold the play button for 10 seconds;
  2. E02 G12:
    Hold the play button for 10 seconds;
  3. For players WITHOUT power slider: M28 M29 S05 S12 S18 A125 A20 A50 A01 U3 A11 ROCKER
    Hold the power button for 10 seconds;
  4. For players with a reset hole: M20 R2 R2S IMP B05 G02 C05 S11
    Push a pin into the reset hole and press when you feel the pressure;
  5. Modified the string when entering now playing interface and there is no music playing in the backend, the player says “No music playing” instead of “File not found”;
  6. H01
    Switch the slider to ON position, then wait for 10 seconds.