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196ft 60m LKV372A HDMI Network Extender Over Single cable with IR cat5e/6 ethernet cable supported 3D and Full 1080P

The HDMI extender over a single UTP cables with IR control is the right way to send your HDMI signal over long distances. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, this device lets you use your existing Cat5e/ 6 cables/sockets while also performing the same functions like transferring Deep Color video and new lossless compressed audio. […]


AGPtek(EU prise) 60 mètres HDMI Extender sur Ethernet Cat5e/6 câble Ethernet avec IR Full HD 1080p et 3D Emetteur+Récepteur pour TV DVD Blue Ray PS3 XBOX

Audio / vidéo vive: La transmission de vidéo en temps réel vous apporte une expérience originale et vive. Cette extension supporte une résolution HD jusque 1080p qui vous donne une image magnifique. Transmission HDMI sans perte – Ce produit étend les signaux audio / vidéo HDMI à la sortie synchrone donc l’affichage vidéo est aussi […]


AGPtEK Ultra HD 4K*2K 3D HDBaseT HDMI Network Extender w/ Bi-directional IR Remote, 70m over Single CAT5E/6/7 Cable Supports 1080P Deep Colour

UPC: 757440586570   Description: *This HDbaseT extender is based on HDbaseT technology, it can extend your high resolution up to 4Kx2K HDMI display up to 70 meters away your HDMI source by using single Cat5e/6/7 cable. *Perfect for home cinema or professional AV installations, The HDBaseT Extender is also able to extend infrared signals, allowing […]

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Agptek HDMI /MHL Audio (SPDIF+R/L) Extractor Support Ultra HD 4K x 2K /ARC / TOSLINK Optical Audio Output + RCA L/R Audio Converter

This newer version incorporates Agptek HDMI Audio Extractor can support 3D、 4KX2K、ARC and it allows the one HDMI or one MHL source input and one HDMI output connected to one HD Display (like TV or Projector) and extract the audio to one SPDIF audio out+One LR Stereo audio out. Also the device supports ARC function.Audio […]

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AGPTEK 1×2 Splitter with Integrated Audio Extractor with RCA L/R Stereo and Optical Audio Outputs

1.1080P HDMI to HDMI Audio Extractor:HDMI to HDMI + Optical Toslink(SPDIF) + RCA(L/R) Stereo, One HDMI Input Convert to one HDMI + Audio (SPDIF+R/L Audio) Output 2.HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out:Support HDMI splitter distributes audio and video signal from a single source to two HDMI displays simultaneously, and create impressive high-definition presentations. NO lag, […]


AGPTEK 196 Feet 60m 1080P HD HDMI Network Extender Over Single Cat6/6A/7 Ethernet Cable with IR Blaster Extension, Supports 3D 1080P 20~60KHz, Deep Color

【1080P Transmission】– This HDMI extender supports 1080P HD, HD Audio, 3D; It extends HDMI 1080P AV signal to at least 190ft/60m via single cat6 or higher level cables following standard IEEE-568B, For better performance, we suggest to use cable longer than 45ft/15m
【HDMI Lossless transmission】– It extends HDMI AV signal to synchronous output Video display is as fluent as direct connection,Adjust the specification automatically for different cable lengths 1-60m to achieve the best display
【Pure Hardware Transmission】– It is pure hardware design,No driver needed, plug and play. Adopt full HD transmission technology to make the video image more vivid
【IR Remote Control】– Support 20~60KHz wide Frequency IR signal transmission for controlling the source device, IR Emitter Cable and IR Receiver Cable are included
【Installation Requirements】– Requires one single cat6/6A/7 cable to connect TX and RX side. Suitable for HDMI source device(computer graphics card, DVD,PS3, HD monitoring equipment etc); HDMI display device like SDTV, HDTV, sony/Epson/samsung projector with HDMI port; DON'T work for cable box; We stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty