Health Care : Gel Toe Separator


Electric Nail Drill Pen White

Specification: Power: single phase(counterclockwise), 110V/60Hz, double insulated PRM: 3000-13000 Collet type: 2.35mm (suitable for bits with diameter between 2.35-2.38mm) Color: White


7PCS Gel Toe Separator Protectors

AGPTEK Bunion Relief Kit includes the different packs of medical grade bunion pads to protect your bunion and also act as a toe separators, Toe Spacers, gel toe protectors, toe straightener, Toe Alignment, Big Toe Protector, Bunion Sleeve, Bunion Support, Bunion Stretcher, Bunion Cushions, Toe spreader, Toe pain relief, Night splint, Ball of foot pads, […]