AGPTEK 2-Pack Nylon Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover for Hiking/Camping/Cycling/Outdoor Activities,Black(XL Size)


  • ☂Super Waterproof with Reflective Strip☂ Don't let a drop of water in. It can resist water of 2000mpa hydraulic pressure rate.Suitable for backpack which size 56-70L,Highly reflective at night and highly visible in the day, good choice for Hiking/Camping/Traveling/Outdoor Activities
  • ☂Dual-layer Design☂ The exterior layer adopts wear-resistant Nylon to avoid scratching and dirt. The inner layer adopts waterproof coating to avoid rain and snow.
  • ☂Adjustable buckle☂ The buckle

Product description



Why Choose AGPTEK Backpack Covers!

AGPTEK Reflective Backpack Covers is an upgraded version based on the regular one. It solve the concern that customers cares most, that the backpack at this cost you get 2 and 2 storage bag for them while the regular one comes with only one pouch. Besides, it designed with reflective tape which ensure safety during night for outdoor enthusiast.


Size: XS:10-17L, S:18-25L, M: 30-40L, L:45-55L
What You will Get:
2x Reflective Backpack Covers
2x Drawstring Bag




Reflective Tape


The Reflective Strip over the backpack rain cover, when car lamp shines on the backpack cover reflective strip, the reflective strip will reflect the light to feedback the driver that there are pedestrians on the road, reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents and ensuring the safety of Walking at night.



Adjustable Buckle


With the buckle you can adjustable youself to tighten the covers attach to your backpack or rucksack, will not blown over while you are go hiking or camping.



Durable Material


The exterior layer adopts wear-resistant Nylon to avoid scratching and dirt, the inner layer adopts waterproof coating, waterproof and dust-proof, keep your pack dry and clean!




You Need One


You need one which is perfect for outdoor activities such travel, riding, climbing, hiking, camping. Waterproof for your items and saftety for you!






It not only can use for protecting your backpack, but also protect your suitcase, hand luggage, school bag, backpack, daypack, knapsack, overnight bag. As it with S, M, L three sizes to meet different needs.





Compact Storage


Amazing! It super large while protecting and can be folding into very compact size as phone. And it comes with 2 drawstring bag for storage, folding down and put in side pocket of backpack, little space take out.