AGPTEK H11 Halogen Xenon Headlight Bulbs, 2 Pack


  • Unique Bulb Design: With segmental blue coating on bulb surface to homogenize the color temperature of whole lamp without reducing the brightness of the whole lamp.
  • Advanced Lighting Technology: The bulb adopts special filament, high transmittance glass with skilled treatment process, and fill in 70% xenon to make it a durable lighting bulb with the best lighting

Product description



The AGPTEK 2-Pack H11S is applicable for car and motor bike. The bulb can act as a great replacement since the original lights may dim over time, you need to replace in pairs for optimal performance.


❤  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ They are your perfect choice if you are looking for a product that emits ultra-white light and are okay with sacrificing some light output.


On the way home, Safety first! Our products are designed to increase driver safety. Because we understand that safer driving is driving that offers you a clearer view of the road. And when you see more, you have more time to react to hazards. And remember, two new headlights are safer than one. Safer vehicles with improved lighting really do make a difference. That’s safety you can see.



Voltage: 12V

Watt: 55W

Color temperature: 4800K

Weight: 18g/pc


Package Included:

2 * H11S Headlight Bulb