W05 12W LED Aluminum Wall Light, 2700K, Black


  • HIGH QUALITY LED-lighting products 12W new design, Aluminum led dimmable exterior wall lamp.Energy efficiency A+
  • ADJUSTABLE Light Angle - Adjust you want the effect of the light.
  • WATERPROOF IP65 - It is also suitable for outdoor wall, best decoration for outdoor wall.
  • IDEAL DECORATION - It can be used for living room, Hallway,bedroom, balcony etc.
  • EASY INSTALL-just use the screw to install and fix it(include screws)

Product description


The AGPTEK 12W LED Wall Light can emit soft even warm white light.
It shines up and down to create comfortable and harmonious atmosphere, show great light effect.
Aluminum materials, with the IP65 grade waterproof class.Not only for indoor, but also suitable for outdoor wall.
High-efficiency LED technology to be energy saving and environmental protection. Practical and convenient to use and clean.



Product Type: LED
Light Colour: Warm White
Power consumption: 12W
Voltage: 220V
Lumen: 1000LM
Color temperature: about 2,700 Kelvin
Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight: 670g


Package List

1 * 12W Wall Light(include Screw)


Installation steps 

  1. Remove the outer cover of the main body of the wall lamp
  2. Use the NUT clamp to remove the base from the lamp
  3. Drill two holes on the wall and place the 2 plastic business bolts in these holes, then secure the base of the lamp to the wall using the 2 screws
    Note:Bring the lamp wires through the rubber gum on the base of the lamp and connect it with the wires on the ugly wall of the wire connector
  4. Attach the main body of the Lempe to the base using the nut clamp, and finally replace the outer cover on the lamp body.
  5. The wall lamp is installed with success