AGPTEK Wrist Wraps, Professional Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps Supports Gym Training Fist Straps with Silicone Anti-slip Strip -2 Pack

Product Specs:

  • Professional Wrist Wraps: Designed for people who like sports. And they are suitable for bench presses, barbell snatch, kettle bell swing, muscle rise, death lift, squat, push-ups, etc. to protect your wrist.
  • High-Quality Materials: Wristbands are made of high-quality nylon fabric, which is soft, light and thin.It is conducive to promoting blood circulation; let you wear more comfortable. Note: Velcro is stuck on nylon fabric and will have a certain degree of fluffing.
  • Anti-Slip Design: Add four anti-slip silicone stripes on the inside of the wristband to increase the friction of the winding, so that you are not easy to shift during use and protect your wrist joint.
  • Easy To Use: The wristband is designed with a thumb sleeve at the end of the wristband. Put the thumb into it before wearing it, so that you can wear it more easily, and you don't have to worry about how to wear it.
  • Safer: Our wristbands support your wrists and forearms, allowing you to withstand heavier weight while reducing the risk of injury or strain and increasing your safety.

Product description

The benefits of wearing wrist wraps :
1.Provide pressure and reduce swelling.
2.Limit activities so that the injured part can be recuperated.
3.Slow down the impact of the opponent’s wrist when hitting the ball.
4.Prevent joint dislocation of the wrist, while promoting blood circulation.


Who can use wrist wraps?
Designed for people who like sports. Suitable for bench press, barbell snatch, kettle bell swing,
muscle rise, death lift, squat, push-ups and other sports to prevent wrist damage.
Protect your wrists during exercise and life, and reduce the sense of pain which is convenient for your life.


Why you need wrist wraps?
Support your wrists
Reduce Injury risk
Reduce wrist fatigue -lift heavier weights
Help strengthen muscles and tendons
Protect the wrist


Why choose AGPTEK?
Designed for those who like sports
Soft fabric for a more comfortable fit
Increase non-slip silicone, not easy to displace
Easy to use
Good value for money
After-sale warranty


Item color: black with red edge
Material: nylon and silicone
Item size: 40*8CM (length * width)
Packing size: 23*13*2.5CM
Item with packaging weight: 80g
Washing method: hand wash, but can not be washed in the washing machine


Package List: a pair of wrist wraps