AGPTEK H7 Halogen Headlight Bulbs, Filled with 70% Xenon Upgraded Version Ultra Bright Halogen Headlight for Car Motorcycle, 12V/55W, 2 Pack


  • Upgraded Design: With blue coating on the bulb glass, it will increase the color temperature of the low beam area without reducing the brightness of the high beam area. Both low beam and high beam applicable.
  • Brighter and whiter: Filled with up to 70% xenon, get up to 110% more light on road for save and comfortable driving, and 30% whiter light compared to standard halogen bulbs. Em

Product description



– Boost your vision with AGPTEK headlight!
This new version H7 headlights are designed to maximize the brightness from halogen bulbs. They are your perfect choice if you are looking for a product that emits ultra-white light and are okay with sacrificing some light output.
– Increase driving safety, see potential obstacle sooner!
These upgrade-version headlight bulbs are filled with up to 70% xenon, offering up to 110% more light, and it’s 30% whiter compared to a standard halogen bulb for better visibility and longer reaction time.
– Totally street legal and high quality!
Our product are ECE and DOT certified, rest assured that the headlight it’s fully legal on the driveway. High-precision blue coating makes it applicable in both high and low beam. Special tube-making process ensures stable performance and durability.



Voltage Power: 12V/55W
Lumen: 1500±10%
Color Temperature: 4000±200K
Matching Lamp Holder: PX26d
Certifications: ECE, DOT


Package List

2 * H7 Xenon Headlight Bulb