SL01 Multi-function Motion Sensing LED Night Light, White


  • 3 Light Modes IN 1: Using advanced infrared technology, high sensitivity, auto switching on when detecting people coming at night or a dark place, turns off in 20 seconds if no more motion, up to 10ft, 120-degree sensing range and reliable performance, you can choose to turn the light directly on or off for your special needs and can be used as portable camping light


  • Intelligent: Light will turn on for 10 seconds automatically when it senses motion in darkenvironment under Motion Sensing Mode
  • 2 in 1 Functions: as Wall Mount Sensing Light and Torch (you can easily take it out from wall mount base after installation Flexible and
  • Portable: 360 degrees rotatable base for adjusting angle
  • Flexible and easy to install: 2 ways to fix: Double-sided Adhesive tape and Screws
  • Long Beam Distance: Up to 50 meters (Torch Lighting), Low power consuming ,energy-saving,eco-friendly,long service time. Suitable for Corridors, leisure and entertainment, corridor, exhibition hall, hotel rooms, home sites,etc.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Patented LED Tube to replace Fluorescent Tube


Package List

1 x LED Light
2 x Screw
2 x Screw Cap
1 x Double-sided Adhesive Foam Tape
1 x Wall Mount Base