ROCKER Bluetooth MP3, Supports up to 256GB, Silver


  • The smallest audiophile player in the world: support all major lossless music formats: AAC/ Aif/ Apple lossless/ Ape/ Flac/ Ogg/ Wave/ Wma lossless/ M4a/ MP3/ WMA, at up to 192kHz/32bit( Not support Audible and DRM WMA, more details please check the last image on this page)
  • Shuffle with Bluetooth 4.1 CSR, Compatible with most Bluetooth output device, support playlist under Bluetooth

Product description

★★★ AGPTEK Rocker adopts the latest Bluetooth 4.0 CSR technology, ensuring high speed and stable transmission. Metal shell and rounded corners provides a nice solid feel. The square design proves tight grasp that will slip out easily. You can insert your micro SD card via the card slot. Up to 256GB, 15000 songs available. Various lossless formats are supported. 2 hour charing may cover your all day listenning. Enjoy your massive lossless music with Rocker.


More Features

  • Supports all major lossless music formats: AAC/ Aif/ Apple lossless/ Ape/ Flac/ Ogg/ Wave/ Wma lossless/ M4a/ MP3/ WMA, at up to 192kHz/32bit. Not support for Audible, DRM WMA, and all 64bit sample frequency.
  • It is available to quick search music by alphabet. Updated with lastest firmware.
  • AGPTEK Rocker has 4 playing modes, play all, repeat one, repeat all, shuffle. If you get bored with the playing sequence, why not choose to shuffle your music list for extra fun? In addition, Rocker supports gapless playback. Rocker allows to quick search the music or music file by alphabetic sequence. All these feasture makes Rocker a competitive portable digital audio player.​
  • Dual Bluetooth transmitter and receiver: When ROCKER connects with smartphone or tablet, it serves as Hands-free Car Kits & Wireless Music Adapter for Stereo System.
  • Equalizer enables you various style:Euipped with equalizer, AGPTEK Rocker allows you to set the sound effect from Metal, Blues, Vocal, Dance, Popular, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Off, Customization. Gain setting enables to enhance or weaken the sound effect. Start to customize your own music based on your music taste.

Note: It can play songs stored in your phone or tablet and adjust the volume only; you can’t transfer music files into ROCKER player via Bluetooth.



FM Radio: No
Voice Recorder: No
Item Size: 3.37*1.58*0.4 inches
Item Weight: 2.82 OZ
Battery capacity: Built-in 600mAh lithium battery
SNR: -94DB
Lyric format: lrc


Package Included

1x English Manual
1x USB Cable
❤ Note: Earphone is not included.


Latest Bluetooth 4.0 CSR Technology

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0. No cable to trouble you anymore. Accelerate transmission without any delay.

High-speed and stable transmission and high anti-interference ability enables easy use both indoor

and outdoor and assures pleasant wireless music playing experience.

It allows you to jump to other page under Bluetooth status, realizing multi-task when listing to the audio.

Choose your favorite Play mode with Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with most Bluetooth output device.

For better compatibility, ❤please use AGPTEK Bluetooth earphone. (Not included)

Expandable up to 256GB

The AGPTEK Rocker has a card slot built-in. You can insert your micro sd card to expand the memory.

Up to 256GB (15000songs) is supported.

You can store your podcasts, audiobooks, massive lossless music. Never worry about the storage.

❤ Note: the rocker has no internal storage. You need to insert a micro sd card.

To avoid incompatibility, AGPTEK micro sd card is recommended.

❤ Support 50 Playlists at most. The most convenient way is to create playlist via a free software Media Go.

Support Audio Format

It supports AAC/ Aif/ Apple lossless/ Ape/

Flac/ Ogg/ Wave/ Wma lossless/ M4a/ MP3/

WMA, at up to 192kHz/32bit

( Not support Audible and DRM WMA)

Long Play time

10 hours continuous music playing at medium

volume after 3.5-4 hours of full charge, 7 hours

by Bluetooth.You can charge it with computer

or the general charger which output is “5V, 0.5-1A”

Gapless Playback

Support gapless playback, seamlessly transitions

from one song to another. Great for listening to live

albums, classical works. Gain Setting will retain all

the benefits of portable Hi-Fi audio, providing a lossless

sound quality enjoyment.