LED Candles Battery Operated Flameless smokeless 3 PCS/set Yellow


  1. Energy-saving, Flameless, smokeless and long lasting, zero carbon emission safe to use.
  2. No hot and dirty wax to deal with.
  3. Easy to use, simply switch on / off at the bottom ,The batteries can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom.
  4. Creating a soothing and relaxing environment. Great for parties, weddings and home decoration!

Package include:

1 X LED Candles set(3PCS/Set)

Product description


There LED candle are flame-less energy-saving candle, as there are no flame or hot wax and easy to use simply turn on by a switch at the bottom, it can be used in anywhere, such as household with kids or pets around. without having to worry about an open flame or molten wax. The candle design is very attractive, can be used with votive holders or pillar candle holders, which is versatile for various occasion, such as used in restaurants romantic dinner, wedding, party, festival decorations.