Cabinet Door Bumpers, 222 Pcs 5 Types Clear Rubber Drawer Door Stopper Buffer Pads for Kitchen Furniture, Glass, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards by AGPTEK


  •  【222pc in 5 Types Bumpers 】These rubber bumpers of 5 various types for different uses, includes 8x2.5mm (small hemispherical, 50pcs) + 10x3mm (big hemispherical, 50pcs) + 12x4mm (cylindrical, 32pcs) + 12.7x3mm (trapezoid, 40pcs) + 13x5.5mm (crown head shape, 50pcs), 222pc in total.
  • 【Dampening Noise, Protecting Furniture】The clear bumper pads can not only effectively reduce the noise caused by closing cabinet doors or slamming doors, which makes you enjoy a peaceful home, but also can protec

Product description



Are you still tired of these problems?

1. Cabinet doors or doors make a loud bump noise when close.

2. Furniture surfaces are always been scratched by vases or other objects.

Now, with AGPTEK Self Adhesive Bumper Pads, you will no longer have to worry about these issues. Try using them on furniture to reduce noise, add protection and extend the life of the furniture.


  • Reduce Noise, Enjoy Peaceful Life: Try using them on furniture to reduce noise, add protection and extend the life of the furniture. Apply them on cabinets, drawers, cupboard .
  • Protect Furniture, Expand Furniture Life: These rubber bumpers help prevent scratching surfaces. Apply these rubber pads on the bottom of vases, picture frames and other trinkets, protecting your furniture surfaces.
  • Clear Bumpers: The bumpers are made of rubber in clear color, like water drop, will blend with any color and will not affect your beautiful home decoration.


Wide Application:
These rubber bumpers not only can be stuck to cabinets, wardrobes, door handles, and toilet seats to reduce noise, but also can be stuck to cutting boards, picture frames, laptops, speakers, lamps and vases to prevent sliding and protect the surface.

  • Surface needs to be smooth,non-porous,clean,dry and free of dust,oil.
  • Peel off rubber pads and complete the sticker as soon as possible.
  • Press bumper firmly into place on application surface.



  • Make sure your designed surface CLEARN and DRY
  • These rubber bumper pads are small parts, please keep them away from children.
  • One-time use is recommended, because the pad’s stickiness would fade if recycle used.
  • Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads Set

5 Type Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads Set

Close bumpers have 220 pieces in total.

The package covers the 5 type size and meets a wide variety of requirements. Can save you select time!

50 * Small Hemispherical Shape Bumper Pads (8×2.5mm)

50 * Big Hemispherical Shape Bumper Pads (10x3mm)

32 * Cylindrical Shape Bumper Pads (12x4mm)

40 * Trapezoid Shape Bumper Pads (12.7x3mm)

50 * Crown Head Shape Bumper Pads (13×5.5mm)





Reduce the Slamming Sound

Apply them on cabinets, toilet seats or any furniture No longer worry about the bump sound, enjoy a peaceful life from now on .


Reduce Noise

The bumper pads help to reduce the slamming sound from closing cabinets, drawers and prevent damage from banging and closing.


Add Protection to Item

Apply these rubber pads on the bottom of laptops or any other material you do not want to damage or scratch. Expand item’s service life.

Increase Friction & Non-slip

The use of high-quality rubber materials, can play a very good anti-skid effect. Rubber Feet stick on vase, keyboard, glass, cupboards.