3.5W Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath, AGPTEK Solar Water Pump Floating Fountain Built-in 900mAh Battery with 7 Nozzles for Bird Bath Fish Tank Pond Pool Garden Outdoor Aquarium


  • 【2021 Newest Solar Fountain Pump】The Solar Fountain Pump with a 3.5W solar panel, designed with PET laminate and Volute, has a longer lifetime and better solar performance than the older solar panels. Built-in 900mAh battery, It will keep functioning even in low light or on cloudy days even dark(around 3-4 hours).
  •  【Water Sensor and Light Sensor Detection】When there is a water shortage, the sensor will automatically cut off the power and react within 2S, which greatly extends the service lif

Product description


Impressive AGPTEK Solar Fountain

2021 NEWEST upgraded Solar Fountain based on the issues in the market and bring happiness to your birds and family!


  • Water shortage protection function: This pump has a sensor that causes it to automatically turn off when there is no water, which greatly extends the service life.
  • PET laminate design: The solar panel adopts a trapezoidal crystal line and a PET laminate design to increase the sun exposure.
  • Built-in 900mAh battery: The light sensor function will automatically activate and continue to work for several hours in the evening or cloudy day.
  • Double-layer filtration: Water pump filter screen + sponge to improve the clogging problem.
  • 7 Water spraying methods: Different spray nozzles are suitable for outdoor, terrace, gardening, fish tank, swimming pool, bird bath, pond.
  • Came with 4 fixed rod: You can have the Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump centered rather than float all over the place.






Bird Bath

Powered by solar energy, create different landscapes to attract the birds and cute little animals. You will love sitting out on your patio, watching the squirrels and birds bath.


Swimming Pool

The floating fountain add energy and fun to swimming pool. It’s ok for kids to toss and play with them.



Garden Decoration

It is an ideal pump for water circulation keeping the water clean and moving which helps keep mosquitoes away.

Perfect for any small pond, fish tank, garden decoration.



Keep Enough Water

Maintain enough water to ensure that the fountain can work normally.


Working Automatically in Direct Sunlight

The brighter the light, the better the pump works. Please place the pump on somewhere with direct sunlight. Shade place will affect its charging efficiency, which in turn affects working performance and hours.



Premium-quality Solar Panel

With high-quality and durable PET Laminated Solar panel, it is guaranteed to not break or deform overtime, so that the fountain will continue to work for a long time without breaking down.